Ana Cabello-De la Garza, MSW, MPH Chair of Consumer Workgroup, National Preconception Health and Health Care Initiative  Social Health Innovation Consultant

“JM is a transformational facilitator whose trauma-informed language and content are universally applicable as calls to action. Their non-judgmental pedagogic style provides ample space for growth and AHA moments. They harness the power of the intersectionality prism to intentionally elevate best practices for inclusive health and health care for historically marginalized communities. As a colleague and training participant, I am inspired by their relevant and adaptable strategies, which guide practitioners and advocates to a more responsive, humble, and sensitive ethos in the effort of equitably serving and supporting the trans community.“


Sparkle Thornton, Oakland, CA

“I met JM around 2011 when I first became a patient at Lyon-Martin. What JM has been able to do for me personally has been priceless; they helped me to access transition related surgeries, laser hair removal, hormones and mental health services. I didn't think it was possible to get the help I've gotten. JM is in a powerful place in their career and definitely on the cutting edge of knowing how to navigate transition related health care and health insurance. They also inspire me personally to fight for trans liberation, and have personally provided me answers and solutions when I've felt hopeless in my journey to access health care as a low-income trans person. JM is very savvy at working with health insurance providers, and is very knowledgeable in California law as it relates to trans-related health care access, patient rights and anti-discrimination laws. Frankly, JM has changed my life and is absolutely changing the lives of many trans people in the Bay Area, and beyond.”


Robin Lassiter, Practice Manager
Marci L. Bowers, MD

“I have had the pleasure of working with JM Jaffe for the past several years, primarily coordinating patient care, insurance pre-authorization, and pre-operative requirements for mutual patients.  JM has always been professional, knowledgeable, and cheerfully helpful when I reached out for guidance.   I grew to depend on them for help with everything from specific case management to creating broad policies and protocols, as our offices worked together to serve patients.  I was always grateful to have JM has a resource.  JM's years of knowledge and dedication to the transgender community are an asset to any team, healthcare professional, patient, or organization trying to navigate the complex world of transgender healthcare.   I endorse Trans Health Counseling and JM Jaffe wholeheartedly.”



“JM is a wealth of knowledge, and answered all of the questions I had (e.g., new injection devices, navigating the medical industrial complex, referrals for body contouring, research on orgasm pain post-testosterone). They are very professional, concise, and a breath of fresh air during this time of uncertainty.”


Sarah Lauterborn, Resource Center Manager HealthRight360

“Ensuring that we provide the best care and resources to all of our clients, particularly those who can feel most vulnerable and in crisis, matters in our department. For my staff, learning more about the challenges that the trans community faces and discussing the resiliency of those who may not identify as cisgender was pivotal. JM’s Trans 101 Training provided all of us with a solid foundation, and the questions and exercises we participated in deepened our knowledge and empathy. JM is a fantastic facilitator – they made our sparse room feel vibrant and everyone was engaged – and this training is remarkable. We are so happy we were able to have them here, and offer this as an opportunity for our staff.”


Thomas Satterwhite, MD Align surgical services

“JM is a remarkable, intelligent, selfless health professional. We’ve had many overlapping patients over the past several years, and JM has always been available to offer expert input, advice, and care.  They are always available, thoughtful, caring, compassionate, and so easy to work with.  As a surgeon, I’ve relied very heavily on the expertise of other health care workers to ensure that patients are getting well-rounded care.  Unfortunately, in many situations, I’ve found that I’ve been left alone to take care of post-surgical patients because other providers do not “feel comfortable” getting involved.  JM has always displayed nothing but enthusiasm, eagerness, and an open mind.  Working with them in a team effort to provide the best care possible has been an absolute joy!”


Katie Gibson, NP ucsf primary care

"I have thoroughly enjoyed working with JM as professional colleague for over three years.  They are an incredible resource to any health care practice; bringing a breadth and depth of knowledge on trans care, as well as the healthcare system more broadly.  When I was new to trans care, they helped me to get up to speed quickly and earn the trust of my trans patients.  It is an incredibly powerful and rewarding experience as a provider to be able to assist patients seeking gender-affirming surgeries.  Especially when patients have been told 'no' or 'I don't know' by so many previous providers, it great to come and say 'yes!'.  I honestly owe that to JM, both for teaching me how to navigate the insurance approval process and for tirelessly advocating for insurance coverage for gender affirming procedures. I honestly hope that all providers serving trans patients in the Bay Area have the opportunity to learn from JM so we can provide the best care possible to our patients."


Scott mosser, md Gender Confirmation Center of San Francisco

“I have worked with JM for many years to help our mutual patients through the insurance approval and surgery coordinating process.  JM has always proven to be a reliable and solid partner to help get patients through the sometimes complex process that leads to surgery.  They are also an extremely competent resource for trans issues and cutting edge trans competency.  I have no reservation with recommending JM as a partner for anyone involved in trans health, trans advocacy, or general health logistics in any regard.”


D. Hilton LGBTQ Project Manager SteppingStone Adult Day Health

"J.M. equipped our eldercare facility with an excellent overview of the social context and factors relating to transgender health care - from social and legal aspects to biomedical interventions.  Their presentation was accessible to the layperson, avoiding jargon and grounded in personal and professional experience.  Our staff left feeling more aware and armed with resources to provide better care and support to transgender clients."