For Individuals of Trans Experience

Consulting and case management services for those of transgender experience


Updating Identity documents

Changing the name and gender marker designation on your identity documents can be a long and stressful process.  In an in-person meeting, we can complete your paperwork together and walk you through the process one step at a time.

Unable to come in-person? If provided with all the needed information, I can do your paperwork for you and mail it to you all completed and ready to be submitted!


Insurance navigation & appeals

Not sure where to start to obtain insurance approval for services? Together, we can:

  • Pick an insurance plan that is best for coverage of gender affirming care
  • Demystify the insurance approval and/or appeal process
  • Find a primary care doctor, mental health provider or surgeon that takes your insurance
  • Provide template WPATH letters to give to your medical and mental health providers that will strengthen your chances at receiving an insurance approval
  • Write a strong appeal letter on your behalf to try to overturn your denial and gain access to your much needed services


  • To doctor appointments 
  • To court, or any agency or institution involved in the process to change name and gender marker designations on identity documents 


Other types of support or advocacy

  • Support in making difficult phone calls
  • Mediation between you and loved one(s) or institutions that may be struggling with respecting your gender identity
  • In-person post-op visits
  • Help finding a trans health expert near you
  • Provide template letters requesting reasonable accommodation regarding the need to address you by your chosen name and/or pronoun, to provide gender neutral restrooms, or to allow you to access the restroom/locker room in which you feel safest



Prices are negotiated on a case-by-case basis depending on the extent of the services provided.