The mission of Trans Health Consulting is to improve access to health care for the transgender community by providing in-depth education and resources to health care organizations and providers, as well as case management services to individuals of transgender experience.



JM Jaffe (they/them)

After 8 years of work at Lyon-Martin Health Services in San Francisco, JM began Trans Health Consulting to expand access to knowledge and resources for those that provide or wish to improve the healthcare provided to the transgender community, as well as to the transgender community itself.  JM believes that educating providers, engaging policy advocacy efforts and direct service provision are all necessary to bring about lasting improvements to access to care for the transgender community. 

As the Trans Health Mananger at Lyon-Martin, JM has intimate knowledge of the gaps in care the transgender community face. They have extensive experience facilitating didactic trainings for current and future medical and mental health providers, participating in policy advocacy efforts, and assisting individuals of transgender experience in the navigation of the bureaucracy involved in gender transition.  

As a trans health content expert, JM is well-equipped as a trainer and technical assistance aid. JM has worked with numerous community clinics, hospitals, individual medical and mental health providers, and schools to provide the education and resources necessary to improve the care provided to the transgender community in a sustainable way.  JM can help integrate transgender care into your organization through the technical assistance program.  They also served as the administrative lead in the creation and management of Lyon-Martin's NP Residency Program in Transgender Medicine.

As an advocate for policy change, JM has participated in conferences and organizations to advocate for policy change and bring awareness to issues the transgender community face to city officials, state representatives, and federal health officials alike. They currently serve on the City and County of San Francisco's Transgender Advisory Committee and on the National LGBT Primary Care Alliance.

JM assists individuals of transgender experience in changing names and gender marker designations on identity documents, in coordinating gender affirmation surgery referrals and ensuring coverage of transition-related care through various health insurance plans.  JM possesses the medical and legal knowledge and advocacy skills necessary to help overturn unlawful insurance denials and obtain the coverage needed to access transition-related care, especially hormones and gender affirming surgery. Of note, JM was involved in obtaining Medi-Cal coverage of the first vaginoplasty known to be covered by a Medicaid plan in the country.  They have obtained coverage of hormone therapy, breast augmentation, mastectomy, orchiectomy, hysterectomy, vaginoplasty, metoidioplasty, phalloplasty, facial feminization surgery, and laser hair removal through numerous different insurance plans.